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About the Report

The child care crisis in America affects all of us, but especially businesses. When working parents don’t have proper child care, they can’t operate at their full potential, and companies lose out on highly valuable talent.

For years, Moms First has been making the case that child care is an economic imperative. In 2023 Moms First and Boston Consulting Group worked to document the return on investment when companies invest in child care benefits for their employees. This report underscores the undeniable correlation between robust child care benefits and a thriving workforce, highlighting how companies stand to gain immensely from investing in the well-being of working parents.

Measure Your Own ROI

To complement the report publication, Moms First and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) seek to encourage more employers to discover and highlight the impact of their benefits. 

By participating in the measurement plan, you will receive crucial insights that demonstrate the economic value of the child care investments you have chosen to support and advance, while also contributing to a body of work that is changing the national narrative around support for working parents. 

Our goal is to make this process simple, efficient, and a light lift for companies; the data collection check list, child care benefit survey, employee interview guide, and ROI calculator are ready for implementation. 

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