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the motherhood

Sisterhood = community. Brotherhood = community.
Motherhood = it’s all on me?

Motherhood shouldn’t isolate us.
It should bring us together.

Let’s change the story on the American experience of motherhood. Together, we can finish the fight for gender equality. 

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women go back to work two weeks after having a baby.


of parents of young children are in debt because of the cost of child care.


the average mom is doing ⅔ of the unpaid labor at home while earning just 58 cents for every dollar earned by dads.

Introducing The

How moms (and everyone who cares about moms) make change. Founded by Moms First.

Reshaping society to deliver what modern mothers deserve.

The Motherhood is a community for moms, by moms. We commit to taking collective action to reimagine our communities, our workplaces, and our culture. Together, we aim to be the advocates that our mothers needed and our daughters deserve.


Shift society through




Join The Motherhood

Join the

Join the motherhood

Join The Motherhood

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