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Moms First and The Adecco Group US Foundation Release New Survey Data on Moms in the Workplace; Launch New Year’s Resolution Campaign to “Make Your Workplace Work Out for Moms”

The survey, conducted by APCO Worldwide, found that the majority of moms dread returning to work after caregiving leave and one in three moms considered leaving the workforce entirely

NEW YORK, NY (January 3, 2024) – Today, Moms First, a national non-profit fighting for the structural support moms need to thrive, and The Adecco Group US Foundation released new survey data that explores the barriers moms face when they return to work after caregiving.

Moms First worked with APCO Worldwide to survey 1,000 moms in July of 2023 to better understand the challenges moms face when they become pregnant, return to work, and then balance work and caretaking for young children under the age of 5. Key findings from the survey, sponsored by The Adecco Group US Foundation, include: 

  • 64% of moms dread returning to work after a period of caregiving 
  • One in three moms consider leaving the workforce entirely after caregiving 
  • 76% of moms say their company could be doing more to support parents of young children

“The message from moms is clear: workplaces need to change for women, rather than expecting women to change for workplaces,” said Reshma Saujani, founder and CEO of Moms First. “It’s not surprising that the overwhelming majority of moms dread returning to work after caregiving — what is surprising is that employers are still not doing enough to step up and fix it. Investing in moms is an economic imperative. Employers have the opportunity to change this, and when they do, they will be rewarded with loyalty from top talent: moms.”

In response to the survey results, Moms First kicked off a New Year’s Resolution campaign, supported by The Adecco Group US Foundation, to “Make Your Workplace Work Out for Moms.” Every January 1st, we make New Year’s Resolutions to work out more. This year, Moms First is encouraging moms to sign on to a New Year’s Resolution to make workplaces work out for moms and parents of young children and better support them at work. Throughout the month of January, the campaign offers resources for moms to go to their employers and advocate for better support, and for moms in positions of power, it provides them with a playbook to put bold change into action. 

“If we want to retain moms in the workforce, we as employers need to start by understanding what support they need to thrive,” said Joyce Russell, President of The Adecco Group US Foundation. “The Adecco Group US Foundation is proud to partner with Moms First and create a playbook on how to foster a positive and inclusive work culture.”

View the full results of the APCO Worldwide survey here. And learn more about the New Year’s Resolution campaign here

About Moms First

Moms First is a national, non-profit organization transforming our workplaces, communities, and culture to enable moms to thrive. Our grassroots movement of more than one million moms and supporters is dedicated to advancing women’s economic freedom, uplifting the vital work of moms in our society, and building the power to win the public and private sector investments moms need and deserve, including child care, paid leave, and equal pay.


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