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Recently, we conducted a bipartisan poll to find out how the pandemic has impacted mothers across the country, and what lawmakers to do to help.

It wasn’t surprising to learn that moms are struggling and Washington isn’t doing enough to support them. But here’s what did jump out: moms across the political spectrum aren’t just united in their challenges, they’re also unified in their preferred solutions.

It’s time to establish infrastructure for mothers to thrive in the workplace, and for their children to succeed in the classroom: paid family leave, universal pre-K, higher wages for caregivers, and so much more. By passing Biden’s current infrastructure package, Congress has the chance to do just that.

At a time when Democrats and Republicans can agree on very little, over three quarters of all female voters—including 83 percent of moms—support policies provided by a Marshall Plan for Moms. That’s more than four in five liberals and 73 percent of conservatives.

We also found that 73 percent of all female voters, including 77 percent of all moms, would support a candidate who shares their views on core parenting-related issues—even if that candidate is from a different political party.

Read more on Medium, and view the poll results below.

Bipartisan Poll

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