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Introducing Moms First

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A letter from Moms First Founder & CEO Reshma Saujani

Dear Friends,

I have some big news to share today: Marshall Plan for Moms is now Moms First.

This isn’t just a new name. It’s a reflection of the progress we’ve made in the last two years and a rallying cry to expand the movement we’re building together.

From the start, the concept of a Marshall Plan for Moms was about meeting a moment of crisis with a historic investment. The pandemic threw a spotlight on so much of what’s broken about being a mom in America. And now, half a million moms and supporters have raised their hands to say it’s time to fix it.

One thing is clear: A single policy plan is not enough. Moms need a movement. 

So, while our name has changed, our mission hasn’t. This transition represents the need to come together and rally around the reality that we are all moms first. Together, we can fight to build a society that puts moms first by addressing a national child care crisis, finally bringing paid leave to America, and transforming our workplaces, our government, and our culture to deliver the change moms need.

Moms First will build on the strong foundation we established as Marshall Plan for Moms — from doubling down on our efforts to organize the private sector to rallying behind critical legislation and taking up innovative grassroots and culture change initiatives.

In many ways, this announcement is a milestone. Over the last two years we’ve proved that a dedicated, passionate community exists to fight for moms — and in spite of everything stacked against us, our movement is getting stronger every day. Moms First isn’t going anywhere until the job is done.

Finally, I have to thank you for the role you played in building this movement from the ground up. People like you are why I’m so confident that the future for moms in America is bright. 

Let’s go make it happen, 

Reshma Saujani

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